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News From Nowhere - Mr Love & Justice

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Watchword - Mr Love & Justice

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Homeground - Mr Love & Justice

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Thinking Out Loud - Kim Coupland


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Lazy Sunday Afternoon - Vol 3

A third compilation CD of original acoustic led songs from artists who played Lazy Sunday Afternoon acoustic sessions during 2014.

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Lazy Sunday Afternoon - Vol 2

A second compilation from artists who played the Lazy Sunday Afternoon acoustic sessions at Swindon Arts Centre during 2013. £5 within UK (free p&p).

Lazy Sunday Afternoon Vol.1

Compilation of chilled acoustic tracks by  artists who performed at the Lazy Sunday Afternoon shows during 2012. £5:00 (free P&P) UK only. 

A Travelling Band - Bateleurs (UK Orders)

The great second album  from Bateleurs - £7.99 incl P&P (UK). 



All In The Past - Bateleurs

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FIELDFARE - Summer's Dress EP

The 4-track EP "Summer's Dress" from FIELDFARE.  £3.99





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Thinking Out Loud


Lazy Sunday Vol. 1


Different Colours EP


All In The Past

 A Travelling Band


Summer's Dress


Lazy Sunday Vol.2

Lazy Sunday Vol. 3


News From Nowhere

News From Nowhere Review

Some bands are quite difficult to pin an easy label on, others less so. On the surface Mr Love and Justice seem to fall into the latter category. The problem is you can find yourself pinning so many “easy” labels on them that you still end up with a long, complex and ultimately unwieldy generic description. Just the sort of band that I like then, one that you can unravel like the layers of a musical onion. One layer may seem to be built from Byrds-esque jangle, another from the very psychedelic tarmac of roads once travelled by The Beatles in their later, experimental modus operandi. Others seem to relate to the more bucolic acid folksiness of revivalists such as Devendra Banhart.

Lyrically there is the usual wonderful mix of quintessentially English Cider Dreamtime (Leaving Imber, This England) and more universal anthems of love and Haight, a musical scope that meanders between West Coast continental drifting and West Kennet pastoral musing. In the past I described the band as “Historical, socio-political, agri-folk pop” or even “farmers for fifteen minutes” but this time out they often seem to largely transcend the green fields below and head off for more trippy, cosmic voyages. Maybe they are no longer content to be Moonrakers and have decided to journey to the source of the reflection in the water.

Either way, News From Nowhere sees Mr Love & Justice wearing their most accessible musical trappings yet, their musical references, literary interests and political leanings may be the same but somehow they have found a way to take it to a much wider audience.

Dave Franklin, Dancing About Architecture

Watchword (HRCD005)

 Released on MONDAY 19th OCTOBER 2009.


 WATCHWORD is the impressive new album from Swindon-based acoustic folk/pop band MR LOVE & JUSTICE - the follow up to their 2004 album “Homeground”. Whilst building on the acoustic folk/pop foundations of their previous release, Watchword marks a  development for the band with it’s wider musical palette - including string and brass arrangements from Marcus De ‘Freitas that underpin Steve Cox’s crafted, intelligent song-writing, the shimmer of the beautifully mixed acoustic and electric guitars, layered vocal harmonies and above all else the memorable melodies that run throughout the album.

The album features a number of notable guest appearances including contributions from keyboard player Barry Andrews (XTC/Shriekback), Canadian singer/songwriter/guitarist David Celia, and his fellow Canadians keyboard player Joan Besen (Prairie Oyster) and bassist David Headon (Invisible Inc.) who add to the contributions from some of Swindon’s finest musicians with contributions from Rob Beckinsale, Nick Weaver, Brendan Hamley and Matt Wood.

With influences ranging from XTC, The Beatles, Richard Thompson, Pink Floyd amongst others, Watchword comprises 13 new and original tracks mainly from the pen of singer/songwriter Steve Cox who has gathered around him a talented collective of musicians delivering a varied and ambitious set of folk-tinged songs and styles over the course of the albums 54 minutes running time.

The album cover artwork features paintings by Swindon artist Ken White. (www.kenwhitemurals.co.uk)

Lyrically the album covers a broad range of subjects from the personal and romantic to the political, historical and contemporary. The folk tradition is most clearly represented in songs such as “We Raise The Watchword” and “We The Chartists” which recall the nineteenth-century radicalism of the Tolpuddle Martyrs and The Chartists – the latter group’s call for Parliamentary reform having strong echoes in current political affairs.  Contemporary concerns are emphasised in tracks such as the hinted at menace of “Blood & Oil” and the weary and knowing nod to binge drinking Britain in “Sunday Morning Sunset Town”. More timeless concerns are reflected in the nostalgic “The Shilling Folk” and timeless themes of seasonal loss and renewal represented in the elegiac “Build A Fire”. 

Thinking Out Loud (HRCD006)

RELEASED 24-10-2011 "Thinking Out Loud" by Kim Coupland


Kim  Coupland was starred by the Royal Ballet as a child and is now a professional dancer and choreographer in the UK theatre.  She writes songs from a dancer’s point of view.

This  double album comes with a beautifully packaged lyric booklet and has an accessible rhythmic Cajun-style musical backdrop coupled with more hard-edged lyrical concerns ranging from the contemporary and socio-political to more spiritual, personal and philosophical themes.  

This an album for lovers of words, rhythm, roots, rhyme and reason.  To listen to sample tracks check links page to Kim Coupland on Myspace.

Album will be available direct from Homeground priced £12:50 incl p&P from Oct 24th or from the following online outlets:

CDBaby, Amazon, iTunes, Spotify

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